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Play Jurassic survival to see the new world
5 months ago

Dinosaurs are very interesting creatures and everyone has seen them in the Jurassic park, a series of Hollywood movies. It is an amazing experience to play games in which you can closely watch their activities and know more about them like jurassic survival.

Knowing them have many advantages in the virtual world of Jurassic survival. You can be a champion in dealing with them and have several victories and rewards.

The best part is that along with this you can also be a multitasking person. Additional activities include being social with others, using different available resources, surviving in the jungles and shooting, using advanced weapons to kill these fetal creatures and many more. 

Different traditional games

There is no doubt that traditional games with fixed screenshots are no longer played and 3D games with virtual reality are getting popular. These games are highly likable because of their unique concept, flexibility and above all dynamic animations.

While playing the game you can actually feel that you are in some other world. The interest of playing such game increases in many folds when you can be the hero of your dream and demonstrate your skills to others. In the real-time game, you can easily get in touch with others and impress them with your gameplay.

Earning currency

You can download this game free of cost online and also speed up your progress by in-app purchases. Coins are the most precious form of gaming currency and in order to earn them, you will have to kill dinosaurs and find the next locations where you can go.

You can also make it more interesting with the help of jurassic survival coins cheat which is free of cost. There are many players who are very smart enough and use them techniques to deal with the most critical situations effectively.

Security is must

The first thing is securing your surrounding and building strong fences to keep the dinosaurs away from your residential area. This way you can convert your house into a fort.

This way you will be able to get some time and think about the best weapon or equipment to kill the dinosaurs around you. Jurassic survival is a wonderful virtual world where you can also go and explore the new places to unlock several kinds of remarkable features for you. 

Moving forward is always recommended in case you have started your journey to the new place. You can also take the help of your neighbors and share food and water. But never trust anyone with blind eyes because they can also betray you.

Collect coins and spend wisely

With the help of coins, you can also buy weapons and any other important items. You can also buy these coins by spending the real world money. But it is strongly recommended that you should be able to make money naturally by dealing with the given challenges in this game. In order to play in a better position, you should also start making groups with other and kill more dinosaurs.

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Combination of cards


In this card game filling the deck with the strongest card is very important.  After starting the game when you will move ahead you will be able to make a perfect collection of the cards.

Make sure that your turn on the auto-deck by doing the above-mentioned trick.

Never forget the check the perfect combination of your present card. There can be several kinds of perfect combination of the card that you have.

For this, you can also take the help of research. By researching you will be able to find the most appropriate way to combine the cards.

You can joint to card into one card in this way. But you should also remember the fact that health and attack capacity will be equal to the old two cards.


Earning new cards and coins


Without following a proven strategy earning coins and new cards can be a tricky task in the Animation Throwdown.

But here is a wonderful way to which you can easily enhance your gaming wealth and increase the number of coins and cards.

You should start watching the ads to have a better chance of loot drops. For this click on the icon which presents the TV. You will find this icon in the main menu. This way you will be a getting ad bonus to watch which is going to stay longer with you.

The ad bonus will be there for at least four hours. You can watch more videos to gain more loot drop bonus. In order to get the maximum bonus, you should watch three videos. This way you will be able to acquire more coins and new cards without putting any hard effort.

You can also gain quick success by earning new cards and coins through animation throwdown cheats which is free and easy to use.


Gain quick success


The entire game is based on the fact that you should have a clear target to earn more coins and new cards.

You should also try to get the higher tier in cards. There are four types of different cards tier available.

By following these above-mentioned tricks you can certainly gain more success without spending hours.