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Quick way to gain success in Animation Throwdown


Are you looking for something new in the mobile game? You should try Animation Throwdown game.

The best part is that combination of different cartoon characters is mixed up with the card game. Amazingly there are different characters included in this game from family guy, Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, King of the hill and American Dad.

This game also offers flexibility to its players where they can choose cartoon characters from their choice. You can also create your own team and start the adventurous journey of cartoon characters.

In this journey, you will see many new things and in order to survive there, you will have to fight with the other players as well.

In your journey is very important for you to do the collection of gems and coins as well. Gems and coins are the most important form the currency through which you can trade.

In your quest for the cards, you can take several advantages with the help some smart tips and tricks.

Combination of cards


In this card game filling the deck with the strongest card is very important.  After starting the game when you will move ahead you will be able to make a perfect collection of the cards.

Make sure that your turn on the auto-deck by doing the above-mentioned trick.

Never forget the check the perfect combination of your present card. There can be several kinds of perfect combination of the card that you have.

For this, you can also take the help of research. By researching you will be able to find the most appropriate way to combine the cards.

You can joint to card into one card in this way. But you should also remember the fact that health and attack capacity will be equal to the old two cards.


Earning new cards and coins


Without following a proven strategy earning coins and new cards can be a tricky task in the Animation Throwdown.

But here is a wonderful way to which you can easily enhance your gaming wealth and increase the number of coins and cards.

You should start watching the ads to have a better chance of loot drops. For this click on the icon which presents the TV. You will find this icon in the main menu. This way you will be a getting ad bonus to watch which is going to stay longer with you.

The ad bonus will be there for at least four hours. You can watch more videos to gain more loot drop bonus. In order to get the maximum bonus, you should watch three videos. This way you will be able to acquire more coins and new cards without putting any hard effort.

You can also gain quick success by earning new cards and coins through animation throwdown cheats which is free and easy to use.


Gain quick success


The entire game is based on the fact that you should have a clear target to earn more coins and new cards.

You should also try to get the higher tier in cards. There are four types of different cards tier available.

By following these above-mentioned tricks you can certainly gain more success without spending hours.